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Ulrichsberg is nestled picturesquely on a gentle hill that rises from the valley of the Große Mühl. The well-preserved original cultural landscape around Ulrichsberg with small farming villages and narrow strips of land is remarkable. The charming market town of Ulrichsberg am Böhmerwald has a history of glass in the village of Sonnenwald (Sonnenwald glassworks). Ulrichsberg is dominated by the parish church, built in the Gothic style and dedicated to St. Ulrich.

The Recreational activities are varied: Nordic walking in the Böhmerwald Nordic Fitness Park, hiking, cycling, golfing, relaxation around the Vitalhallenbad. For anglers, there is a special guest fishing route (fly fishing).

Jazz is at home in Ulrichsberg: contemporary music is emphasised in the jazz studio. The exhibitions organised there throughout the year are also worth seeing. The major event "Ulrichsberger Kaleidophon" (international festival with improvisation and new music) always attracts many music lovers from all over Europe.

Also worth a visit is the Home and Culture House with the "Glass from the Bohemian Forest" museum. One local history parlour each is dedicated to the Glöckelbergers (CZ) and the Oberplaners (CZ). The latter also contains an exhibition about Adalbert Stifter.

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Ulrichsberg was founded in 1325 by Provost Ulrich of Schlägl Abbey "in the primeval forest on the Ulrichsberg". Salnau, Lichtenberg and Hintenberg were the first villages on Ulrichsberg north of the Mühl. The villages of Zaglau, Ödenkirchen "Chirichen" south of the Mühl were mentioned early on (1215 and 1303). In 1588, German traders from Plattling, Straubing, Ingolstadt, Ulm and Augsburg drove a total of 5,158 Hungarian oxen and cows through the Mühlviertel and had to pay a toll in Ulrichsberg. The movement of animals increased in the following years. Ulrichsberg burnt down in 1719 and 1729. In 1785, all the land was re-surveyed and divided into 5 tax communities. In 1823, bears were still being shot in the forests around Ulrichsberg. The first post office was opened in 1868. This was followed by the elevation to a market in 1929.

  • 2.962Inhabitants

  • 56.97 km²Area

  • 626 m ASLElevation

  • 48.67, 13.91GPS coordinates

Via Vienna:
A1- Linz - Rohrbach B 127 - Aigen-Schlägl - Ulrichsberg

Via Salzburg:
Salzburg (A1) - Linz-Rohrbach B 127 - Aigen-Schlägl - Ulrichsberg

Via Graz:
Graz (A9) - Linz - Rohrbach - B 127 - Aigen-Schlägl - Ulrichsberg

Via Innsbruck:
Innsbruck (A12) - Rosenheim (A21) - Salzburg (A1) - Linz - Rohrbach B 127 - Aigen-Schlägl - Ulrichsberg

Via Munich:
Landshut (A92) - Deggendorf- Passau - exit north via Wegscheid/Grenze or Hauzenberg-Grenzübergang Breitenberg-Klaffer-Ulrichsberg.

D i s t r i b u t i o n s

Budweis: 90 km
Leipzig: 420 km
Linz: 45 km
Munich: 230 km
Nuremberg: 260 km
Prague: 200 km
Stuttgart: 435 km
Vienna: 220 km

No toll charges when travelling from Germany!!!

Linz main station - tram line 3 to Mühlkreisbahn station - Mühlkreisbahn to Aigen - continue with Postbus (Marktplatz Aigen) to Ulrichsberg.

Collection by landlord from Linz main station possible - by arrangement!


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