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One evening in September 2019, I went for a walk on the Pöstlingberg and passed the Leisenhof nursery at the foot of Linz's famous pilgrimage and dwarf mountain. This time I took heart, opened the wooden gate and stepped inside. A paradisiacal garden opened up before me. In late summer, the vegetation is at its lush best, the different shades of green nestle together, dark purple berries and juicy red fruiting vegetables are lavishly displayed. It is a time of abundance. The garden was already in a peaceful after-work mood and it looked as if the gardeners were already enjoying a well-earned rest after their day's work. Nevertheless, I tried my luck in the nursery building. Before I could enter, however, the door opened. Bathed in the golden evening light of the fading sun, a young man with a holey T-shirt, straw hat and... a full mouth stood opposite me. He was probably eating dinner and seemed as surprised by my unexpected appearance as I was by his. This was my first meeting with Tristan and later, while chatting over fennel, we found out that we already had something in common back then: we both had roots in a tiny, former coal mining village in the Hausruckviertel. The rest is history, our history. From then on, I came to the nursery as often as my free time allowed and helped Tristan with the gardening. I think it's a great way to get to know each other. After finishing compulsory school, Tristan had decided to take up a profession close to nature, and that's how he got into gardening. This was followed by training at the Ritzlhof horticultural school. His enthusiasm for biodynamic agriculture and the underlying philosophy of antroposophy soon sprouted, and so he packed his bags and moved to Germany to the Dottenfelderhof farm near Frankfurt am Main. A year later, having gained a wealth of experience, he returned to his home town of Linz with the certificate of a biodynamic agricultural worker in his hands. Together with a handful of like-minded people, he took over the Leisenhof nursery. As an independent member, he has been able to realise many of his ideas and gain valuable experience over the past ten years. One of his favourite projects is the cultivation of light root, a climbing plant with a special taproot that accumulates light ether in its roots through special cultivation in quartz sand. A particularly beautiful element of the landscape immediately catches the eye when you enter the Leisenhof nursery: a brick building in the shape of an egg, symbolising fertility and growth. Tristan initiated the construction and was involved from the planning stage to excavating the foundations and plastering. In 2022, he slowly withdrew from the Leisenhof nursery to realise his dream of running his own business on the Spalt family's hereditary farm in the Vöcklabruck district.

And me - I'm Tristan's partner Verena and I support him with advice and assistance. I myself have chosen an academic path in the field of natural sciences, which sometimes leaves me with question marks and head shaking. With a basic scientific understanding, you can explain some processes in ecosystems to a certain extent, but in my opinion this is far from being able to categorise everything. Many aspects of life can only be experienced alive! I am happy to be part of this farm community in close contact with nature and to get to know and shape the patch of earth entrusted to us responsibly and with dedication. One aspect worth mentioning in connection with getting to know nature is phenology, which I dedicate myself to as part of biodiversity monitoring. Phenology describes the appearance and forms of expression of plant stages in the context of the annual cycle, in relation to the 10 seasons directly associated with it. I like to walk our "estates" and observe the growth and stages of the various plants at different times, such as the hazel blossom, the May whip shoot or the birch leaf unfolding and the first flight of the lemon butterfly. These observations help me to gain a better understanding and a sharper perception of the ecosystems that surround us and of which we are a part.

We hope to create a place that will be fruitful in the future!

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