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St. Leonhard bei Freistadt, Oberösterreich, Österreich
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Regina and Hubert Mittmannsgruber live and work on their organic farm, the "Hiasl-Hof", as the house used to be called. At 670 metres above sea level, we farm around 15 hectares of grassland and 21 hectares of forest. We have gradually switched from the original dairy farm to goats and the production of goat's cheese.

Working with the animals in harmony with nature is particularly important to us. Even if it means a lower milk yield, we have made a conscious decision in favour of endangered animal breeds. For us, everything has to be colourful - including the goats. We keep and breed Styrian Pinto goats (highly endangered) and Gem-coloured mountain goats (endangered). Both are dairy goat breeds. It goes without saying that our goats have access to pasture and are allowed to keep their horns. The fawns are also allowed to stay with their mothers until they are able to feed themselves. Although this costs a lot of milk, the fawns thrive very well, which is important to us as a breeding farm. Not all fawns can be used for breeding. This is why we also sell fawn meat from March onwards.

Goat's cheese and milk from our organic farm is available from the beginning of March to the end of October.
If you are interested in fawn or lamb meat, please contact us.


  • Freistadt farmers' market, Saturday from 8:00 to 12:00 on Freistadt's main square
  • Farmers' market Perg/Aisthofen, Saturday from 07:30 to 11:00 in the market hall behind the company Gartenbau Langeder
  • from the farm by appointment

In winter 2009/2010, we set up our small farm cheese dairy with two cheese vats. The special feature is that the milk flows directly from the teat into the cooling tank. The cheese dairy is a "one-woman operation". Cheese is made every two days. At the beginning of the cheese-making period (March to October), when the goats are still producing a lot of milk, even daily. I, Regina, pasteurise the milk for a mild goat's cheese - unripened soft cheese (a feta-like cream cheese) and curd cheese. But it's not just cheese that can be made from the milk. We also sell drinking milk and yoghurt.
Every year we take part in product tests with milk and cheese, organised by the Upper Austrian Goat Breeders' Association. So far, we have only received "Excellent" and "Very good". Three times also at the "Kasermandl" in Wieselburg. All products submitted were honoured there. From gold to bronze. We received the gold medals for our drinking milk in 2022. The goat's cheese in olive oil was also awarded a gold medal.

The main task of our sheep is to look after meadows and steep areas that are difficult to mow. Our preference for a colourful variety is also reflected in our sheep. Starting with Merino and forest sheep, we now have a colourful mix of several breeds. Although the focus with the sheep is on landscape conservation, there are of course also lambs whose meat is in high demand. The good meat quality that our lamb is said to have is partly due to the herb-rich pastures but also, and I think this is the main reason, to the quick, low-stress slaughtering on the farm. This is done in our EU-certified slaughter room by Hubert. This saves the animals the stressful transport.

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