Outdoor Escape - Alice und die verschwundene Uhr

Linz, Oberösterreich, Österreich
The Cheshire Cat has made Benny Bunny's watch disappear. The Queen of Hearts is probably behind it. Follow the White Rabbit and dive into Wonderland with Alice to find the watch again. The poor rabbit will be late otherwise! Outdoor Escape Linz - with Alice into Wonderland

Until now, we have only known escape games from so-called escape rooms. With the outdoor escape "Alice and the Missing Clock", however, the entire city centre of Linz becomes the playing field!

Benny Bunny's watch has supposedly disappeared. The players are asked by Alice to help her get the watch back. To do so, they have to go to Wonderland and solve puzzles. Cheshire the Cheshire Cat has made the clock disappear. It remains to be seen whether the Queen of Hearts is behind the dastardly plan. In any case, Cheshire sets Alice and the players all kinds of puzzles and tasks to solve so that he can release the clock again.

Linz city centre becomes a wonderland

Clues are hidden in the centre of Linz. Using a free mobile phone app, players embark on a virtual puzzle rally. The starting point is on the Schlossberg in front of the west gate of Linz Castle.

"Along the way, players will of course encounter the Grisekatze and many old acquaintances, such as the Hatter, Absolem the Caterpillar and Humpty Dumpty," explains Michael Weberberger, the organiser of the Outdoor Escape and Managing Director of OutdoorEscape.at. "It is not absolutely necessary to have seen or read Alice in Wonderland, but of course it increases the fun of the game immensely," Weberberger continues.

"Alice and the Missing Clock" is not the first Outdoor Escape in Linz. At the JKU campus, the formula of an antidote to a poison has already been deciphered in "Zombie Apocalypse" for several weeks. And on the Pöstlingberg, the dwarves need the help of brave children in "Secret of the Magic Crystal".
There are also other OutdoorEscape.at games in Gmunden, Traunkirchen, Attersee, Mondsee and Hallstatt.

The game is played using a free mobile phone app. All you need is a smartphone with an internet connection. Tickets cost 29 euros and are available on the operator's website at www.OutdoorEscape.at. One ticket is required per mobile phone. However, any number of people can play with one mobile phone.

"Both the story and the complexity of the puzzles in Alice and the Missing Clock are aimed at adults and families," says Weberberger. Adult supervision is recommended for children under 13.

More information about the outdoor escape "Alice and the Missing Clock" can be found at OutdoorEscape.at and on Facebook at FB.com/OutdoorEscape.at
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