Kelten Yoga Wyda

Bad Leonfelden, Oberösterreich, Österreich
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Wyda - the European path to the inner self

Wyda strengthens and sensitises us, makes us clearer and more sensitive in dealing with our own body and intuition and grounds us in our fast-moving, materialistic times. If Wyda is practised regularly and daily, it can lead us to our inner self - and makes the truly essential things in life visible and tangible for everyone.

Every ancient culture had its own knowledge of nature, the processes of the cosmic cycle, spirituality and health. This was also the case for the Celtic tribes, who can be traced back to around 600 BC through artefacts and Greek and Roman records.

Their scholars, who were judges, artists, healers, philosophers and astronomers, were called druids. The Druid caste is comparable to the Brahmin c aste in ancient India. According to current historical knowledge, common roots cannot be ruled out.

The druids also developed mental and physical teachings, which were learnt by their selected students, often over decades of training. Wyda, as this teaching was called, was only passed on orally as secret knowledge. Wyda was taught within the community, the clan.

Today, Wyda can be learnt in workshops and courses. This preserves a piece of European identity and also helps to revitalise it.

The three energy centres - vital, emotional and mental - are strengthened and harmonised through the various exercises. The Druid's Fist closes the energy circle. The energy is channelled by touching the respective centre, supported by sounds as well as elemental nature - water, stone, sky. Geometric shapes, placed with natural objects, are also used to support the process.

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Kelten Yoga Wyda
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