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Today, the charnel house on the church forecourt in Mauthausen serves as a funeral chapel for funerals.

The Romanesque circular building is dedicated to St Barbara, patron saint of the dying. The octagonal structure with pyramid roof and lantern was built in the Gothic period.

When the space in the surrounding former parish cemetery became too small, the bones from the abandoned graves were moved to the ossuary.
The heavily faded fresco on the south side shows St Christopher carrying the Christ Child on his shoulders. Above left is the inscription A.E.I.O.U.
The motto that emerged under Emperor FRIEDRICH III means "Austria Erit In Orbe Ultima" (Austria will endure forever).
The popular translation "All the earth is subject to Austria" is incorrect. To the right is the year 148?
The frescoes inside date from around 1260 and were only rediscovered in 1907. The jagged style has its roots in Byzantine art. In the apse, the small semi-circular room facing east, Christ is enthroned in the semi-dome as the judge of the world. The modern apse window was created by Lydia Rappolt in 1981. A bishop is depicted to the left and right of it.
At the top of the south wall, the archangel Michael fights the dragon; below him are the apostles, starting with St Paul with his sword, St Peter and St John.
The triumphal arch in front of the apse shows six doves in round medallions and, at the top, the Lamb of God with the banner of the Risen Christ. These 7 medallions represent, among other things: 7 sacraments, 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit or for the book with the 7 seals. Below them, Mary on the left and John the Baptist on the right.
The heavily faded entrance wall shows: St. Helena, the mother of Emperor Constantine the Great, with the washer cross that was found again and, on the left, St. Catherine of Alexandria with the sword with which she was killed.
North wall above: St Veronica with the face of Christ on the sweat cloth; to the left of the window: an angel with the instruments of suffering; below the window: the scourging of Christ, one of the torturers wears a Jewish hat.

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