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Steyr, Oberösterreich, Österreich
Baroque Old Theatre, former Celestine Convent In August 1646 nuns of the Order of the Augustinian Sisters of the Annunciation of Mary, also known as Annuntiates and Celestine Sisters, were forced to emigrate from Pontarlier in Burgundy as a result of the war and came via Vienna to Steyr, where Empress Eleonora had bought them a spacious house in Berggasse.

Ten years later, the Order also acquired the neighbouring Wolfisches Haus.

In 1662 benefactors made it possible to convert these properties into a monastery building and in 1676 to build a church. About fifty years later, in August 1727, the great town fire also caused severe damage to these buildings. For example, it brought down the tower of the monastery church, in which three bells hung, and the vault was smashed through to the crypt. The reconstruction of the monastery and church, financed by Abbot Ambros von Garsten and benefactors, was completed as early as 1727.
Baroque Old Theatre, former Celestine Convent

At the time of Emperor Joseph II (1780-1790), the convent women endeavoured to teach the female youth, had a schoolhouse built and adopted the Ursuline religious rule. However, various circumstances led to the dissolution of the convent on 1 June 1784 "due to insufficient assets". The school building was taken over by the normal school fund, the church and convent were bought by the magistrate of the city of Steyr for the estimated value of 3500 gulden.

In 1789 the church, whose high altar is still in use today in the parish church of Thanstette, was built.

Events are held regularly at the Old Theatre.

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