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The Mondseer retirement home was officially opened in December 1996. In the Festschrift it is to be read that already since 1 May 1939 at this location the community alder home is led.
In fact, the care of frail people in Mondsee goes back even further. It began with the establishment of the citizen hospital in the 16th century (see citizen hospital)

With the purchase contract dated 17. 2. 1939, the market town of Mondsee acquired the property in Abt Haberl-Straße 2 (Stumpevilla). Since May 1, 1939, the community senior citizens home has been run at this location. From 1945 to 1993, the leadership of the home and the care of the residents were in the proven hands of the Congregation of the school sisters Vöcklabruck. 17)

In the old people's home there was already a chapel in which regular services were held.
After the closure of the Mondseer hospital on September 30, 1994, the residents of the retirement home could be relocated there and the construction of the old people's home could be tackled.

The needs of the residents were also given great attention during the construction of the chapel. Above all, there had to be enough room for wheelchairs. The Great Cross and the statue of Mary are from the old chapel.

The artistic design of the chapel was commissioned by artist Inge Dick, who lives in Innerschwand and was awarded several prizes. The planning of the room has been changed several times. The originally much smaller planned rectangular meditation room was already larger after the first plan review.

On the east side the altar was planned. The concept was to illuminate this area both from above and from behind. For the windows, manufactured in the Glasmalerei GmbH Schlierbach and financed by the gold hood group Mondsee, hand-blown real antique glass with silver overlay was used. The yellow color symbolizes the sunlight and gives pleasure and warmth. The cross of the old chapel was placed on the south side. Considering that the inhabitants were familiar with the view to the cross behind the altar from the old chapel, the altar was placed in front of this cross. It was not until 2011 that the parish and the home management decided to place the altar at the originally planned location on the east side of the room so that the light from the dome falls onto the altar. Mrs. Dick had even planned the window strip down to the ground in the background. As a compromise, since this did not come to fruition, an image is placed in the wall, in which - quite weakly - a figure looks invitingly at the prayers with outstretched arms. To the left and right of it are two statues, a statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and a statue of St. Anthony. Both statues have the parish of St. Michael Mondsee the senior citizens home on loan. The cornice on the east side to the left of the cross was originally intended for the statue of the Virgin Mary. Through the glass windows, a blue beam of light penetrates into the room and illuminates this part of the place of worship. The small, already faded images of the stations of the cross, which were still from the old chapel, were replaced in 2016. Larger, colorful stations of the cross representations with a 15th station now adorn the room. On Ash Wednesday, 16 February 2016, the blessing ceremony took place in the presence of the mayor.
Essential for some changes and the intensification of pastoral care is that on the initiative of Pastor Dr. Ernst Wageneder, with the support of the municipality of Mondsee, has been hired for the retirement home Pastoral Assistant Rosa Astegger, who cares for the inhabitants with great empathy. In the chapel there are regular services: rosary prayer on Tuesday (in Lent stations of the cross prayers) and on Friday before St. Fair, which starts at 15:00. Guests are cordially invited to all services. Neighbors, relatives and friends of the residents like to make use of it. In this way, the bond of the inhabitants with the parish of St. Michael Mondsee remains.

17) cf. Festschrift for the opening of the retirement home 1996
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