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"You can't teach a person anything,
you can only help him
discover it in himself"
(Galileo Galilei)

Why horses?
Horses are used as co-trainers to support sustainable learning at a gut level and to develop soft skills. Leadership and teamwork are experienced instead of being learnt theoretically in the seminar room and with rigid models.

In general, people fall back on their unconscious patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour in new situations. In this way, individual resources and obstacles come to light quickly and unadulterated in encounters with horses.

Horses are flight animals, they live in the here and now and, unlike humans, are congruent - meaning that what they do and what they feel are ONE. And they pass this on to us humans unadulterated.

Because horses react IMMEDIATELY and honestly to every movement, every perception, without judgement and independent of positions and appearances, training and coaching with horses as co-trainers is efficient and can be felt and experienced with all the senses.

Horses as a catalyst
My ground exercises with horses are also a new, unfamiliar situation for most participants, and are new even for people with experience of horses, because the horses are unfamiliar to the participants and the overall situation of a "seminar in a riding arena" is unfamiliar.

This is why this method works regardless of previous horse experience. Horses serve as a catalyst in a further development process, which I continue to support after the seminar as a coach and organisational consultant.

Learn in coaching and training sessions with horses:
  • develop your soft skills relevant to leadership
  • to be a respected leader
  • to promote respectful interaction within the team
  • to organise your communication clearly
  • utilise your potential in a targeted manner
  • act authentically and confidently in new situations
  • to better perceive situations and people
  • harmonise your image of yourself and others

Learn about your impact on others and experience it:
  • How does a team (a herd) work and what role do I want to play?
  • Do I motivate through my charisma or do I tend to intimidate?
  • What body language do I use to gain trust and respect?
  • How do I create leadership?

Team building with horses
In the team seminar, your own resources and those of other employees are recognised and used, team dynamics and team development are experienced and individual and group needs are taken into account. Characteristics such as assertiveness, authenticity, situational behaviour, clear communication and willingness to help are quickly and unadulteratedly brought to light in the tasks with horses. Horses serve as a mirror and a catalyst.

Teams experience and learn
  • to utilise the common strengths and potentials in the group
  • master the balancing act between individuality and conformity
  • develop common guidelines for future teamwork
  • to consider an individual conflict culture
  • an innovative approach to team building

Coaching and training with horses for you, me, her, him, us...!
I invite you to join me and my horses in positioning your strengths, reflecting on situations, reducing fears, recognising leadership styles, shaping teams and groups, clarifying personal and professional issues and much more.
Get involved in an encounter with me as your coach and my horses as your co-trainer.

My services are customised and can be booked in both individual and
group setting:
  • Team building, team events with horses
  • Leadership in a crisis
  • Management training for managers
  • Potential coaching for women
  • Self-esteem coaching for young people and adults
  • Job coaching for young people
Travelling by public transport
Route planner for independent travellers
Riding information
  • Riding as therapy
  • Suitable for single travelers
  • Suitable for friends
  • Suitable for children

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