Mountain Rescue Vorderstoder

Vorderstoder, Oberösterreich, Österreich
The mountain rescue Ortsstelle Vorderstoder is always ready for use!

Before the Second World War, the necessary rescue operations in the Vorderstoder mountains were carried out by the local gendarmes, after the war the brisk number of skiers on the Loigistal run, which was set up in 1932, made it necessary to set up a rescue team. In the autumn of 1948 the local office Vorderstoder was officially founded at Steinerwirt in Vorderstoder with 15 founding members. The local branch manager was Franz Nestlehner, innkeeper at the Zellerhütte. The first head of operations was Fritz Köfler, who unfortunately had a fatal accident on the Spitzmauer in 1951.

Nestlehner's successor was Hermann Stadler, who headed the site from 1973 to 1991. During his time there was also the lease and expansion of the Loigistalhütte, which still serves as a base for the regular on-call service on weekends in winter. In 1991 Fritz Gschaider took over the management of the local office. Markus Rammer was local branch manager from 2000 to 2012 and Thomas Popp from 2012 to 2021. Niklas Rebhandl has held this position since 2021.

Mountaineering - Risks and Dangers
We humans certainly do not go to the mountains to risk our lives - we are looking for happiness, and in this search we often forget the laws of nature and thus get into dangerous situations. With the right behavior we can escape the danger again. As is often the case in life, the right and the wrong decision are very close to each other. Instinct and judgment are the best advisors.

Alpine accidents are not fate!
The mountains in themselves are not dangerous, only when we humans go to work with our inability, lost instincts and false ambition, danger threatens. Not only "beginners" also the most experienced alpinists make mistakes, it is human to make mistakes.

Alpine dangers
Avalanches, falling rocks, sudden weather, lightning strikes, crevasses, Wächtenbruch, ...

Causes of accidents
Overestimation of oneself, wrong risk assessment, wrong risk behavior, bad physical condition, group dynamics, inadequate equipment, material breakage due to operating errors, wrong ambition, ... The best equipment is useless if it is not used properly!

Correct behavior and awareness of dangers must be learned, because only if you know about a danger can you usually avoid it.

You cannot learn mountaineering from books, you can gain experience with company or under the instruction of better trained mountain companions or mountain guides. Take on personal responsibility right from the start, assess situations yourself, try to move carefully and not blindly trusting others in the alpine terrain.

Emergency: 140


810 m

Accessibility / arrival

The office of the mountain rescue service is not staffed.

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Mountain Rescue Vorderstoder
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4574 Vorderstoder

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Niklas Rebhandl
Bergrettungsdienst Ortsstelle Vorderstoder
Dorf 149
4574 Vorderstoder

Phone +43 664 8396991

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