Mühlendorf Freilichtmuseum

Reichenthal, Oberösterreich, Österreich
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History comes alive and becomes tangible in the mill and museum village in Reichenthal. The still-functioning Herren-Mühle mill takes centre stage. In the museum of milling history, you can gain an insight into the life and work of millers and their journeymen hundreds of years ago. In the mill, you can also see exactly how the grain is turned into bread. You can also bake your own bread if you wish. You can still saw wood with the old Venetian creel. Many old woodworking tools are also on display.
How laborious it was to make linen from flax and what tools were used to do so can be learnt at the Mühlvierler Dreiseithof in the museum village. The Bohemian-Austrian glass collection provides an insight into old recipes and manufacturing techniques. And finally, you can admire over 300 mechanical clocks in the clock museum, some of which are over 200 years old.

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Mühlendorf Freilichtmuseum
Hayrl 19
4193 Reichenthal

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Mrs Monika Krump
Museums- und Mühlenwegverein Reichenthal
Teichweg 22
4193 Reichenthal

mobile +43 677 63185250
E-Mail obfrau.muehlenverein@gmail.com
Web www.muehlenverein.at

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Mühlendorf Freilichtmuseum
Hayrl 19
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