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The long history of Seewalchner brass begins in 1880.
The long history of Seewalchner brass begins in 1880. At that time, Franz Achleitner from Kraims founded the band in Seewalchen. He was its first conductor and formed together with the farmer's son Johann Mayr Seewalchner the first musicians.

Achleitner did not come home from the First World War. This fate has befallen several musicians of the chapel. So Johann Mayr collected in 1918, the remaining musicians and led the band.
1946 a new beginning, and again it was Johann Mayr, now Altkapellmeister who collected the musicians. On Corpus Christi could be disengaged again.
Local musicians rehearse and Home

In the period between the wars, the samples were in the parlor of Kapellmeister Johann Mayr, when Koaser.

After the Second World War, was first practiced in various premises: first, in different rooms of the old town, then in the fire station, and finally in the old stable Ingersoll Hall. The situation was unsatisfactory, the rooms were too small or too low.
Finally in 1962, after the purchase of the property by the municipality Seewalchen Rosenau, the chapel was - largely on their own performance - musicians create their own home.
In 1974, the residence of LAWOG was built on the site and the band needed a home again.

This was found in the annex of the office building at today's Town Hall Square. Construction of the new City Hall in the mid-1990s and the musicians home has been extended and could be presented to the public at the music festival in 1999.

From the 1960s the chapel regularly took part in the concert and marching votes in the district. Rapidly established a great success. 1986 honored the Governor the chapel for 15 votes concert with distinction. Soon successes came in the march rating. From 2002, the chapel became a regular in the show's rating and could still earn a great reputation.

My Seewalchen The March "My Seewalchen" was composed by music director Sepp East Tyrol District Huter for the band Seewalchen.

Source: Atterwiki

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